Booking Terms and Conditions



The price you pay for your break is that which is applicable at the time you make your reservation. Please note that the prices are reviewed several times a year & may go down as well as up. The price for your break is shown on the current tariff & will be shown on the Confirmation that we send you, either by post or electronically.

  • This price includes:
  • Use of your accommodation for the maximum numbers of guests indicated in the description.
  • Bed linen, except cot linen.
  • Charges for additional services as requested by you when booking. Prices as per the tariff.
  • Use of any on-site amenities. There may be additional charges for some of these – details in brochure.


We will send you by post or electronically, a Confirmation of your Booking, requesting payment unless already made. It will show the price for your break & any additional charges. With this will be a copy of your Insurance details.

  • You should check that the details on the confirmation are correct.
  • You must inform Burnbake if any of the information is incorrect, or subsequently becomes incorrect. If you change your name & address you must notify us in writing.
  • You must ensure that you pay the required amount in accordance with the payment schedule shown on the Confirmation.

If you do not, we have the right to cancel your holiday & keep or claim your holiday deposit. See Paragraph 15.


Should you wish to amend your booking in any way, please contact us immediately. We will then do our best to make the necessary arrangements for you & if we can meet your requirements, a revised confirmation of booking will be forwarded to you. We reserve the right to charge £20 for each amendment.


  • Towel Packs, Cots & Highchairs may be pre-booked
  • Pre-Arrival Pack can be pre-booked

Internet (subject to availability) usage will be monitored and recorded.

All of the available services are detailed in brochure.


Your accommodation will be available at approximately 4pm, but you are welcome to arrive earlier & use the facilities. On arrival you will need to report to Reception in order to register. Keys will not be issued until your forest lodge is ready.

There will be staff available to assist you with transporting your luggage to your Forest Lodge. Each Lodge will have a designated car parking space, please note this will not be immediately adjacent to your Lodge.

When leaving, please vacate your Lodge by 10am & return your keys to Reception so that we may prepare it for incoming guests. Your accommodation must be left in a clean & tidy condition and the inventory complete.

Lost keys will be charged at £10.00.


We welcome guests with disabilities & aim to ensure that our facilities are as accessible as possible to all. In order for us to allocate correctly the accommodation, do please let us have full details of any needs, requirements & conditions prior to the booking being concluded.


When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide in the booking form. This does not form a contract between us. A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequentially confirmed in writing via a letter of confirmation sent to you by post or email.


Registered assistant dogs will be accepted free of charge, subject to availability of suitable accommodation.

Sorry no other pets allowed.


1  Our agreement with you binds you, the person named on the booking form and all    members of your party, including children and any day visitor. You must ensure that all members of your party are aware of, and accept all of this agreement. It starts from the date our agreement is formed and continues until the last member of your party has left the complex (and includes any extensions of time to your booking).

2  For our agreement to be formed we must receive payment and you must receive or be deemed to have received a confirmation notice and a copy of the agreement.

Our agreement is formed:

  • 10 days after making your telephone booking or when you have received our  agreement with you, either by post or electronically, and/or have accepted it online
  • (whichever occurs first) and
  • we have received the required payment.

The required payment means:

  • your credit or debit card payment is authorised or,
  • your first or only postal payment has cleared through our bank.

3  Our agreement incorporates the entire contents of the Current Brochure, the Confirmation, and the copy of this agreement which we send to you following your telephone reservation or which you accept online. You must also note and comply with all guidance provided in your accommodation, & when booking or taking part in activities, or using any facilities during your stay.

4  We have the right at our sole discretion, to refuse to confirm any booking and to obtain the name, age, address and gender of each member of your party before confirming your booking or at any time. You must provide us with full details of the make up of your party prior to your arrival, which must include you (unless we have agreed otherwise and confirmed this to you in writing). Failure to do so may result in access to Burnbake being delayed or even denied where the terms of this agreement may not have been met.

5  We have the right to cancel your booking or to instruct you or your party to leave Burnbake immediately, without compensation or refund, should you or any of your party not comply with this agreement, particularly where the terms relating to behavior and conduct have not been complied with.

6  You must be over 21 to make a booking and there must be at least one capable and responsible adult over the age of 21 in every accommodation unit. You are responsible for the behavior of all members of your party, particularly those under the age of 21.

7  All female and all male parties must apply in writing before a booking can be confirmed. You must comply with any specific adult/child ratios we detail to you. Stag and hen parties are not permitted and we reserve the right to ask such parties to leave without a refund.

8  Please note that only guests listed on the confirmation of booking may occupy the accommodation. If any other people are found in occupation then Burnbake will end the agreement and all persons in the accommodation will be asked to leave.

9  The maximum number of guests in each accommodation unit (as stated in the Brochure)  must not be exceeded. If it is, we may move those additional persons to another accommodation unit and will charge you or them the appropriate full charge for the additional accommodation, from the date your party arrived at Burnbake.

10 All of the forest lodges are non smoking accommodation and smoking is strictly prohibited in the lodges. You may smoke in external areas but should respect the other residents and the site requirements.

11 You may not bring any shotgun, knife, firearm, air weapon, fireworks (including sparklers), chinese lanterns, illegal substances or similar item to the complex under any circumstances.

12 You may not advertise, use, give or resell your holiday or any discount offer associated with it or offer to do so (for profit or otherwise) or use it in connection with a

competition, promotion, business and charitable or any other similar venture without our express advance written permission.

13 You should inform us immediately if, within 4 weeks prior to your arrival date or during your holiday, any member of your party has, or develops an infectious or contagious medical condition. Please note we have the right to:

  • refuse to accept your booking,
  • or cancel your holiday or
  • ask any member of your party to refrain from taking part in certain activities, or, ask any member of your party to leave the site immediately, should we, at our reasonable discretion, consider it necessary to protect the health of other guests, staff or general public.  
  • Cancellation and Holiday Insurance is recommended on all bookings.

14 A charge may be levied for any extra cleaning that may be required if your lodge is not returned to us in reasonable order on departure ad for any lost keys or property damage.


15  Bookings more than 8 weeks ahead

A deposit payment is required to secure your booking and is due:

  • for online bookings - immediately by credit or debit card.
  • for telephone or on-site bookings – immediately by credit or debit card or within 10 days of making reservation if paying by another method.

The deposit of £100 is a non-refundable booking fee covering the administration costs we incur in processing your reservation. However please note the provisions in paragraphs 22-26 below. The full cost of your Insurance Cover must be paid with your deposit.

You may pay the full cost of your holiday at this point if you wish. The balance must be paid 8 weeks prior to the start of your holiday.

16  Bookings less than 8 weeks ahead

Full payment by credit or debit card is required at the time of making your reservation. This may be online, by telephone, or in person.

17  Credit and Debit card payment

No additional charge is payable for payments made by credit/debit card.

Credit and Debit cards will normally be authorised and charged to your account the same day or the next working day and you may also authorise us to charge the balance payment automatically on the balance payment date to the same credit or debit card by:

  • informing Reservations at the time of booking,
  • telephoning us on 01929 480570 before the balance payment date,
  • or instructing us to do so when making your on-line booking.

18  Other payment methods & payment by post

Cheques can only be accepted if received before the balance payment date (more than 8 weeks before your arrival date).

All cheques and postal orders must be made payable to Burnbake Campsite Limited.

All cheques & postal orders must:

  • be received by us within 10 days of making your telephone or on-site reservation or your reservation will be cancelled without notice, and
  • have the booking number (quoted on the confirmation) written on the reverse.

Please do not send cash or post dated cheques.

We are not responsible for any payment lost in the post.  Postal orders should be sent by registered post.

All payments sent by post, including credit or debit card authorisations, will be processed on the day they are received and will not be held until the due date.

19  Refunds

Credit or debit card payments will be refunded via the same card number less any non-refundable deposit and any other non-refundable amounts.

All cheque refunds will be made to the person named on the confirmation.

20  Price promise, taxes

All relevant prices include VAT at the appropriate rate. We have the right to increase or decrease prices in line with any change with VAT or any other dues or fees levied on your holiday. We will not make any such increase to the basic cost of your holiday within 30 days of your holiday start date. We will also absorb all such increases where they form less than 2 % of the total cost of your holiday. These provisions exclude insurance and cancellation charges.

21 Advance reservations

It may be possible to make a reservation by phone only for a date up to 6 months beyond the dates for which prices are published. If we can make an advance reservation you will receive a provisional Confirmation.

You need to pay the initial deposit shown on the provisional confirmation within 10 days of making your advance reservation. This will be £100.00 per lodge. The amount quoted to you on the phone will be the deposit due and once the appropriate price for your holiday has been announced, we will send you a replacement Confirmation, detailing the confirmed price for your holiday and enclosing the applicable agreement. You may be asked to make an additional payment within 10 days to secure your booking.

Should you wish to cancel your advance reservation, you must do so within 10 days of the date of the replacement confirmation, in which case we will refund the deposit you have paid (less any non-refundable amounts) and the advance reservation will lapse.

22  Changing or cancelling your booking

You may change your booking with us for any reason provided the change is made 8 weeks or more before your holiday start date. Each change is subject to a small amendment charge of £20.00 and availability. You may only change your holiday start date once and you must select your new start date within 6 weeks of requesting the change, otherwise the change will be treated as a cancellation and the appropriate fee will apply (see paragraph 24 below). Please note that any change of date will be likely to involve a change in price of your holiday. The price published in our Brochure, or on our website, for your revised holiday date, at the point at which you made your original reservations, will apply. You must pay us any increase due and we will pay any refund due.

23  If you are prevented from taking your holiday, please contact Reservations at the earliest opportunity. We will do our best to assist. You may not, under any circumstances, transfer your booking to anyone without our consent. We will not consent to a transfer where the person or party concerned does not meet our booking conditions. Please also see paragraphs 6, 7 & 12.

24  It may be necessary to cancel your break due to illness, accident or change of circumstances. If you have taken our recommended insurance, payments arising from the cancellation may be covered. As soon as you know that the break will need to be cancelled, ring Burnbake booking line, and then notify us in writing. The cancellation will take effect, and charges calculated from the day we receive your written notification, (together with proof of a doctor’s certificate, employer’s or court notification if applicable).

Cancellations more than 56 days in advance of your holiday start date:

If you are covered by our Cancellation and Holiday Insurance then cover is provided for cancellations arising from Illness, Bereavement, Redundancy or Jury Service within 56 days of travel. If you comply with our Cancellation and Holiday Insurance procedures then you will be entitled to transfer your booking subject to an administration charge of £20.00. If you do not wish to transfer your booking then you will lose your deposit and Cancellation and Holiday Insurance premium, and be subject to an administration cost of £20.00, but will not be liable to any further payments.

Cancellations 56 days or less before your holiday start date:

If we receive your written cancellation 56 days or less before your holiday start date, a fee will be charged as follows:-

No of weeks before start date that notification is received

Cancellation Charge as % of total holiday cost

More than 8 week Full Deposit
More than 6 but not more than 8 50%
More than 4 but not more than 75%
4 weeks or less 100%

Please note that some separate charges such as insurance and cancellation charges are non-refundable. Please phone our cancellation desk on 01929 480570.

25 If you have not arrived by 8.00am the morning after your break was due to commence, or contacted Burnbake to confirm when you will arrive, we will assume that the break is cancelled and the total cost and the insurance premium will be forfeited.

26 The cancellation/curtailment insurance described in more detail on page 9 gives protection against cancellation in certain circumstances. Please note it may only be taken out at time of booking.

27  Force Majeure

We cannot accept responsibility or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contract with you is prevented or affected by reason or of circumstances which amount to “force majeure”.

Circumstances amounting to “force majeure” include any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such circumstances include the destruction or damage of your accommodation (which cannot reasonably be remedied to a satisfactory standard before the start of your holiday) through fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage or any similar event beyond our control. Such circumstances also include riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity and all similar situations beyond our control.


28  Our aim is to provide a relaxed holiday suitable for families in a tranquil environment. To ensure the maximum enjoyment of your holiday and that of all our other guests we require you to comply with all the requirements in this, our agreement with you, but draw your particular attention to paragraphs below.

29  Accommodation

You are expected to use your accommodation and its contents with care and to leave it in a clean and tidy condition on departure. An inventory of your accommodation is available in advance on request and is provided in your accommodation on arrival. We reserve the right to charge you for any extra cleaning or missing / damaged items. We reserve the right to enter your accommodation at any time for any reasonable purpose,

for example, to make checks, or carry out essential inspection, maintenance work, housekeeping or repairs.

30  Behaviour and compliance with this agreement

Offensive, unruly or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the police being involved. We may ask you and/or any member of your party to leave immediately if your conduct is considered by us to be inappropriate, likely to cause harm, or impair the enjoyment, comfort or safety of your neighbours, or our guests, staff and the general public, or is likely, in our belief, to breach any of our agreement with you. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.

31  Regulations

  • Please note that the speed limit will be 5 miles per hour.
  • The consumption of alcohol in public areas of the site is prohibited and is restricted to  individual accommodation units. Guests may be requested to give information as to their place of accommodation if requested to do so by a member of the staff.
  • The operation of a business buying, selling or trading under whatever conditions is strictly prohibited on the site without the express authority of the company.
  • To meet our legal requirements we will check personal Photo ID at points of sale where necessary.
  • You are asked to keep the noise to a minimum after 11pm.
  • It may be necessary at the beginning or end of the main season to withdraw or amend certain facilities according to demand and other factors. The company reserves the right to alter or withdraw amenities, facilities or any part of the programme or activities either advertised or previously available without prior notice.

32  Child Protection

It is our policy to investigate any incident or allegation of concern about a child in our care or staying at Burnbake and to refer the matter to an appropriate external organisation should we, in our reasonable and sole discretion, deem it necessary / appropriate.

33  Children’s supervision & parental responsibility

You are responsible for the supervision of all members of your party under the age of 21. You must supervise your children and babies at all times unless a child is participating in an activity supervised by us.

This is particularly important in all children’s play areas and sports areas where specific supervision ratios apply. You must collect your child(ren) from supervised activities at the appointed times.

34  Compensation payable by you

By booking you agree that we have the right either during or after your stay to recover from you, either via the credit or debit card used to pay for the break or otherwise, the costs of:

  • any compensation we may pay to others, including our other guests,
  • any property or accommodation damage,
  • any other charges, fees or levies we may incur resulting from your action or inaction and from any breach of our agreement with you.

35  Complaints

If guests have a problem or complaint during their holiday, they should in the first instance bring this to the attention of the Main Reception who will deal with it as sympathetically as they can. 

Any reported matter which has not been resolved during your holiday should be advised in writing to the General Manager as soon as possible.

Please note that in order for us to investigate and implement corrective action wherever necessary, the Company cannot entertain complaints made after guests have left the complex.

36  Driving at Burnbake and parking

Please give way to pedestrians and cyclists, keep to the speed limit, and drive, manoeuvre and park carefully at all times.

All vehicles that are not parked in the specified parking areas may be towed away by us. We will charge you for doing this. We do not accept any liability for damage arising out of this operation unless due to our negligence or that of our subcontractors.

Please use great care when driving. No liability is accepted for any damage caused by roadside markers unless due to our negligence.

Access is required for contractors’ / suppliers’ vehicles and other vehicles we authorise such as emergency services.

37  Important information & updates

Facility and activity opening times shown in the information booklets are an indication only and may vary from time to time.

38  Improvements & maintenance

As we continually strive to improve accommodation and the facilities at Burnbake to and comply with any new Health and Safety legislation or other legal requirements you may find that:

  • new facilities and / or accommodation units are on offer,
  • listed facilities are temporarily closed for maintenance and / or improvement,
  • some facilities and / or accommodation units have been altered,
  • there is development or refurbishment work going on in certain areas of Burnbake,
  • maintenance work or housekeeping tasks are undertaken in and around your accommodation during your stay, although in such circumstances we try to minimise any inconvenience,
  • different equipment is provided to that described in our  brochures or other communications.

39  Legislation & Licensed Premises

We reserve the right to refuse to sell alcohol to anyone who:

  • is under the age of 18, or
  • appears to us to be under 18 (and cannot prove they are over 18), or
  • we, in our sole discretion, consider to have been drinking excessively.

We will not sell tobacco based products, solvent based products or allow the use of gaming machines in contravention of current legislation.

40  Photography

Photography (still, digital and video) is not permitted in any changing areas within Burnbake. Only non-intrusive photography of your own party and friends is permitted.

You may not carry out photography for commercial purposes, publication or similar purposes in any part of Burnbake.

41  Property and environment

Please keep to prepared roads, paths and tracks at all times and treat all property and facilities carefully and appropriately.

42  Safety

You are required to follow any safety advice provided to you:

  • Take particular care not to do anything which might cause a fire.
  • Barbecues are not permitted within the forest lodges or at all during periods of risk of grass fires. You will be advised during your holiday if this is the case.
  • Fireworks (including sparklers) may not be brought or used at Burnbake.
  • Do not enter or attempt to use any facility that is closed.

43  Smoking policy

Smoking is not permitted in any covered public areas or in the accommodation units. Designated smoking areas will be provided.



44 Your contract is with Burnbake Campsite Limited.

45 All the information we collect and hold about you and members of your party may be stored in computer and other filing systems, for which we hold a valid notification under the Data Protection Act. We collect and keep information about you and members of your party to enable us to administer our services to you, to conduct market research and provide you with information about our products and services and those of carefully selected third parties. If you do not wish to be contacted by us or such third parties please write to Burnbake Campsite, Corfe Castle, Wareham BH20 5JH.

46 We use CCTV cameras at some locations at Burnbake for the purposes of crime

prevention and public safety. The scheme is controlled by Burnbake.

47 To ensure that standards are maintained we may record or monitor calls to our offices.

48 We always do our best to ensure that published information is correct when it goes to press. Please refer to our website ( for current details.

49 Our agreement is governed by English law and we agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. We must both act reasonably in selecting or agreeing any jurisdiction including any forum for dispute resolution.

50 Should any part of our agreement be deemed by law to be void, the remainder of this agreement will, if capable, continue in full force and effect.

51 The headings in this agreement are included for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation or construction of this agreement.

52 In all cases, except personal injury or death, our liability to you for the total of all claims arising out of your holiday with us is limited to the cost of your booking less any insurance, cancellation and amendment charges. We will not be responsible for any matters that result from any unforeseeable events that are beyond our control.


At time of booking you will have the option to purchase Booking Refund Protection. We will provide you with a refund on any unused booking if you are unable to start your holiday on its commencement date due to any of the circumstances set out below. Please note that this is not an insurance policy. If you purchase Booking Refund Protection these terms and conditions are added to our general terms and conditions and applied to the booking you make.


The following words or phrases have the meaning shown below wherever they appear in bold in this document.

You/Your/Yourself – A person who has made a booking alone or as part of a group with us.

Commencement date – The first day of the holiday.

Doctor – A qualified medical practitioner registered with a recognised professional body. A doctor cannot be you or a member of your immediate family. Emergency Services – The Police, Fire and Rescue Service or Emergency Medical Services. Holiday – The booking you have made with us to rent a specified property for a specified time where we are acting as agent of the property owner

Group– Any number of people who have been declared to us as part of the party for a holiday booked with us with Booking Refund Protection in the same transaction.

Illness – A physical or mental condition confirmed by a doctor that prevents you from starting the holiday on the commencement date.

Immediate family – Your husband, wife, partner, civil partner, parent, child, brother or sister.

Injury - A bodily injury confirmed by a doctor that prevents you from starting the holiday on the commencement date.

Public Transport Network – Any mode of public transport other than public hire taxis licensed for public use on which you had planned to travel to the holiday.

Booking – A confirmed non-refundable booking of a holiday with us where Booking Refund Protection has been purchased at the same time as booking the holiday.

We/us/our – The company with whom you made the booking.


We will refund the cost of your booking if you are unable to start the holiday on the commencement date due to:

  • unexpected disruption of the public transport network you could not have reasonably known about before the date of travel to the holiday;
  • injury, or illness happening to you or a member of your immediate family or any person(s) in the group due to attend the holiday with you;
  • death happening to you at any time before the holiday or to a member of your immediate family 4 weeks or less before the holiday;
  • the mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft en route of a private vehicle taking you to start the holiday;
  • jury service which you were unaware of at the time of the booking;
  • burglary or fire at your residence in the 48 hours immediately before the commencement date of the holiday that required the attendance of the emergency services;
  • you being summoned to appear at court proceedings as a witness which you were unaware of at the time of booking;
  • you being a member of the armed forces and being posted overseas unexpectedly;
  • adverse weather including snow, frost, fog or storm where the Police services or other Government agency have issued warnings not to travel.  You must provide confirmation of relevant road closures from the Police or the relevant Government agency;
  • you being unexpectedly made compulsorily redundant.

We will not provide a refund where:

  • you cannot provide a doctor’s report for injury or illness;
  • you cannot provide confirmation of the booking;
  • the holiday is cancelled by us as the property is not available and an alternative is accepted by you under our general terms and conditions;
  • your sole reason for not attending the holiday is due to another member of your group no longer being able to attend;
  • you are unable to take the holiday because you are unable to obtain a visa to travel;
  • you decide not to take the holiday other than for a reason included within this Booking Refund Protection;
  • you are prevented from travelling to the holiday due to disruption of the public transport network which is public knowledge prior to the commencement date;
  • you can recover any part of the cost of the booking from other sources (but this will not affect refund of any balance if all other conditions for a refund are met);
  • in our reasonable opinion, you did not allow sufficient time to travel to the holiday;
  • you carry out a criminal act which prevents you taking the holiday;
  • you are prevented from travelling to the holiday due to an outbreak of a contagious disease and the Government or any agency acting on behalf of the Government has imposed a ban on travel;
  • you make a false or fraudulent refund application or support a refund application by false or fraudulent document, device or statement;
  • you submit your refund request more than 45 days after the booked event.

We will not pay for travelling or associated expenses or any loss other than the direct cost of the booking. 

We will not pay any consequence of war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolutions, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lockout, terrorism, malicious intent or vandalism, confiscation or nationalisation of or requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority. 

We will not pay any costs you incur in submitting or providing evidence to support your refund application. 


a) you must make all necessary arrangements to arrive at the holiday on the commencement date.

b) you must not be aware of any material fact, matter or circumstance, at the time Booking Refund Protection is purchased, which may give rise to a refund request.

c) you must take all reasonable precautions to prevent or reduce any request for a refund.

d) unless we agree otherwise:

i) the language of this document and all communications relating to it will be English; and

ii) all aspects of the contract, including negotiation and performance, are subject to English laws and the decisions of English courts.

e) the cost of Booking Refund Protection is non-refundable unless cancelled within 14 days of purchase (or before the holiday has taken place if less than 14 days away). To cancel the Booking Refund Protection, you need to contact us within 14 days.


You must log into and fill in and submit the Refund Application Form as soon as possible after becoming aware of circumstances that may lead you to request a refund and in any event no more than 45 days after the commencement date. 

You will be asked to provide at your own expense the following within 45 days of registering your refund application:

  • confirmation of the booking;
  • a doctor’s report where your refund request is for injury or illness or a death certificate where your refund request is for death;
  • an official notice from the transport service provider in the event of delay, cancellation, mechanical breakdown or accident in relation to the public transport network;
  • for the breakdown of a private vehicle, a vehicle recovery service report (AA, RAC or equivalent), copy of garage repair bill or parts receipt or a relevant police report;
  • the original jury invitation inviting you to be a juror;
  • in the event of a burglary the police report with crime reference number;
  • the original witness summons requesting you to appear in court;
  • A copy of a valid visa permitting your travel to the booked event;
  • confirmation of relevant road closures from the Police or the relevant Government agency if requesting a refund due to an official weather warning being issued;
  • any reasonable additional evidence that we ask for.

53 Any concerns or assistance you require should be brought to our attention immediately. 

54 Please note we are not responsible for any matter of which you are aware and which you did not bring to our attention during your holiday.  And Finally…!

If you have any questions we will be glad to assist you. Please contact Burnbake:

Telephone: 01929 480570.

Address: Burnbake Campsite, Corfe Castle, Wareham BH20 5JJ